Congratulations to our April Athlete of the month, Jiny Ann Padilla! Jiny Ann is a 954 veteran with over 5 years of CrossFit experience under her belt.  Jiny struggled with both consistency and compliance the majority of this time at 954. Like many, she would take 3 steps forward and 5 steps back. As soon as Jiny would make a bit of progress, she would get in her own way, and regress. BUT,  Jiny never QUIT, and within the last year something completely clicked for Jiny, and since this ‘awakening’ she has been UNSTOPPABLE! Within the last year, Jiny has lost 32 pounds and over 15 total inches! In addition, she is Rxing the weight of almost every WOD, squatting close to 200lbs, and even competed in her second CrossFit competition of her career earlier this year.

Initially, Jiny’s biggest struggle, like most, was in the kitchen. However, since Jiny has FULLY committed to her transformation she has incorporated consistent intermittent fasting, macro tracking, adequate hydration and home cooked meals. Without question, this is what has made the difference for Jiny Ann. Although I cannot say Jiny Ann does not complain (she does a lot) she is still VERY coachable. She does what she is asked, even if she doesn’t like it. LOL. However, what I admire most in Jiny Ann is her resilence; no matter what life throws her way, she keeps coming ‘showing up’. In fact, Jiny inspired me to create my ‘Tough Love’ agreement a few years ago, agreeing to donate money to the Trump campaign if she didn’t show up for her workouts. Needless to say, she never had to donate a single penny, because she showed up for EVERY workout during that time. I am beyond thrilled that I am FINALLY able to award Jiny Ann as our 954 ‘ Athlete of the Month. Jiny, I am SO proud of you and am inspired by your persistence and determination. I have no doubt that you have finally created the momentum that will get you the results you are seeking, and I look forward to continuing to witness your journey. Onward and upward, my friend. You ROCK!!!