CrossFit is for Hardcore People-If your introduction to CrossFit was watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN or an isolated CrossFit class, then I totally GET why you may think that CrossFit is only for the super fit! I used to think that as well. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I would guess that more than 90% of CrossFitters are NOT fit when they start, which is WHY they start (go figure). What you see on TV is the end result, NOT the beginning. Any respectable CrossFit ‘box’ will meet you where YOU are, and not hold you to the standards of the elite CrossFit athletes that you see on TV, who ironically, represent less than 1% of the CrossFit population.

CrossFit will Injure You– If I had a dollar for every time I heard this myth I’d undoubtedly be a millionaire. Is it possible to get injured doing CrossFit? Of course, just as it is possible to get injured running, bowling, playing tennis or moving furniture.  Anytime you are moving your body, especially with vigor, injury is possible.  Does that mean it’s a for sure thing? Absolutely NOT. The keys are knowing your body and its limitations and perhaps more importantly, hiring a qualified, attentive coach who pre-screens and appropriately programs workouts to minimize your risk of injury. CrossFit, like any form of exercise, is not without risk, but the benefits, far outweigh them. Ask any of these people HERE.

CrossFit is a Cult– If you consider a community of people who work out together, encourage each other  to overcome their perceived limitations,  share daily triumphs and defeats, uplift one another because it’s the ‘natural’ thing to do, and inspire each other both in and outside of the box, then YES, CrossFit is a cult. However, last I checked there was no positive connotation assigned to the word ‘cult’. Perhaps a more appropriate definition of CrossFit would be COMMUNITY, and I think we can all benefit from more of that.

CrossFit will Not Help you Lose Weight. Pfft… If that was the case I would have been out of business years ago because most people who come into my CrossFit ‘box’ are seeking weight/fat loss. CrossFit is movement. Intense, full body movement, both of which significantly transform the body. The majority of your fat is burned in your muscle, therefore more muscle equals more fat-burning potential. This is why CrossFit includes strength training and ‘fat-burning’ cardio. So YES, not only can you lose lots of weight and fat doing CrossFit, but you will also likely get in the BEST shape of your life!

CrossFit is Expensive- As compared to what? A $40 La Fitness membership that you use once a month? Yes. Or, perhaps as compared to your YMCA membership that you use a few times a week, to stroll on a treadmill, meander aimlessly in a weight room, or stand in the back of a group class where the instructor doesn’t know your name? YES. By investing in a CrossFit membership, you are not only paying for a place to work out, you are paying for expert coaching, a supportive environment that thrives on community, and most importantly… RESULTS! CrossFit is not the cheapest fitness option available, but it is perhaps the option that will give you the biggest bang for your buck…literally!

CrossFit is a Franchise- CrossFit is NOT a franchise. Therefore, we are ALL CrossFit boxes are different regarding business model, coaching experience, programming philosophy, pricing, class size, training niche, demographic and the list goes on. The BEST way to know if you are choosing the CrossFit box that is right for you is by doing your research, visiting and participating in a trial class.  We invite you to give CrossFit 954 a complimentary try by scheduling your FREE intro session or coming in for a Saturday workout!