February Athlete of the Month: Karem Elena

Congratulations to our February Athlete of the Month: Karem Elena! Karem is a fairly new addition to the 954 family, joining the box in the latter part of 2018 after moving from Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria. Since then, Karem has made her presence felt and her body has significantly transformed in the process!  Karem won the 30-Day Bounce Back Challenge in November, losing 17 pounds in 30 days and 80lbs in one year, she competed in her first CrossFit competition in January,  she is currently participating in her first ever CrossFit Open and I don’t think she’s missed one Seal-Fit workout since we kicked that off about a month ago! Not to mention that she is strong as HECK and can squat and deadlift with the ‘best of them’!  Karem represents everything CrossFit is about: being comfortable with the uncomfortable, pushing her limits each and every WOD, never backing down from doing whats ‘hard’ and inspiring and encouraging others. She does all of this with ZERO complaint and a smile on her face…ALWAYS!!  Karem you are such an awesome addition to the CrossFit 954 family! Thank you for trusting us and trusting the process. Thank you for always rising to the challenge. Thank you for SHOWING UP no matter what obstacles life throws your way. Thank you for always striving to become the best version of you!  It is my pleasure and privilege to be your coach, and I know that you are only just beginning! Onward and upward my friend. Onward and Upward.

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