Congratulations to our first athlete of the month of 2019: Brian Winger!!!  Brian has been part of the 954 family for well over 5 years and is a 6 AM ‘staple’ at the box. What stands out  MOST about Brian aka ‘Winger’ is his consistency, his positive attitude, kind demeanor, and that he RARELY complains.  I think in the 5+ years I’ve coached Winger, I can count on one hand the number of times he has complained about anything!  He may not always like what he’s doing, but he gets it done and gives it his all!  Most recently Bryan accomplished something quite significant! He competed in his first ever CrossFit competition which also happened to be a partner competition. If you know Brian, you know he HATES partner WODs and never shows up for them. I never thought Winger would agree to a partner competition but little did I know!  Brian is receiving this acknowledgment this month because he embraced a characteristic that I HIGHLY value, and that is: ‘GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE’ and ‘DO WHAT YOU FEAR’.  After all, that’s when where the real magic and growth happen!  In addition to Winger’s courage, he is also one of the strongest men at the box, deadlifting well over 350 pounds (or something fairly close.)!   Brian, I’m so privileged and honored to watch your progress over the last 5+ years. I appreciate your work ethic, your positive attitude, your perseverance, and most recently your courage and willingness to be ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’. You’re an amazing man, and it’s my pleasure to be your friend and coach! Onward and upward.