For those of you who don’t know much, if anything about CrossFit,
it’s a training methodology that is defined as constantly varied, high
intensity, functional training.

In plain English it’s a HARD CORE workout that will get you in the best shape of your life.

Anyone CAN do CrossFit but it’s definitely not for everyone. It is NOT easy, but most things that yield the best results, rarely are.

Still, I find myself having this conversation with myself during most of my workouts:

‘Shondelle, what the heck is wrong with you? Why do you continue to voluntarily put yourself
through this degree of discomfort?  This SUCKS!!!  Is this worth it?  Have you lost your mind?”

I’m not exaggerating; I literally have this conversation with myself at least three times a week.

However, ALWAYS when it is all over, I am already looking forward to the next workout, so that I can do it all over again!

Some could call it masochistic and others would call it just ‘plain ole’ insane.

However, I call it riding the ‘Swing of Life’

Here’s how I can explain it.

Think of a child on a playground swing. Does she have more fun when sitting motionless on the swing or when she’s given a hard push into the air?

Of course, she’s safer and perhaps more ‘comfortable’ if the swing is not moving, but she’s
definitely having more fun and adventure flying into the air! And typically, the harder the push, the more fun the ride!

Life is like this swing.

It must be moving, in one direction or another, or it’s just not that fun. When you increase the swing, you increase the momentum, and consequently, you increase the thrill.  If you don’t want to swing very high, you just won’t have as much fun. Yes you may be more ‘comfortable’ and less fearful, but you’re also missing out on the point of getting on a swing…to have a good time!

So the answer to myself as to why I continue to endure the pain and ‘suck factor’ of my Crossfit workouts: It is because at the end of the workout, the thrill, the adventure, and the feelings of accomplishment and overcoming, far outweigh the discomfort I endure during the workout.

And it’s THAT  feeling that makes the doing worthwhile. There is a quote that sums this up perfectly:’ The harder the struggle, the greater the triumph’. Truer words have never been spoken.

I challenge you today, to find an aspect of your life where you’re sitting motionless on the ‘swing of life’ and give yourself a push. It could be your relationship, your career or perhaps your health and fitness; any part of your life which is stagnant and needs some MOMENTUM!

In the beginning, it may take a while to get your ‘swing’ going, and you may need  to come
outside of your comfort zone and experience a little ‘pain’ and fear  in the process, but I
PROMISE you, in the end, your effort will yield great reward!

Here’s to the Swing of Life,